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Welcome to Bombay Meat Masala, an Indian restaurant in Calgary that enriches your meal experience by offering you a rich and diverse variety of tantalized food servings. Our culinary team offers you the most tempting dishes that cater to a variety of your palates.

Our signature meat and samosa dishes are cherished by people for their authenticity and taste. In addition, our knowledgeable staff sets a warm and cozy ambiance for you to let you enjoy your favorite food making your dining moments super-special.

Located in Calgary, our restaurant is the perfect place for you if you want to elevate your culinary experience with the finest samosas and meat creations. Also, if you want to hold up special celebrations in style, then we do offer you top-of-the-line services.

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Samosa Factory

Take the freshness to your home! Our Samosas are truly a tasteful delight for your senses that will mesmerize your taste buds. Step into our most vibrant and alluring restaurant where the freshly baked samosas welcome you with open arms. The crispy, golden, and flavorful pastries packed with great taste create and bring back memories with your loved ones. It’s the art of making this well-liked snack that drives our restaurant. So, come and relish the best samosa taste only at Bombay Meat Masala because our samosas are made with care, utilizing only the best ingredients and time-tested preparation methods.

Elevate Your Taste Experience With Our Mouth-watering Menu

New Project(50)

Samosa Plate

New Project(49)

Dahi Bhalla

New Project(48)

Spring Roll (6Pcs)

New Project(47)

Papri Chaat

New Project(46)

Aloo Tikki Plate

New Project(45)

Pani Puri (6PCs)

New Project(56)

Chicken Pakora

New Project(55)

Paneer Pakora

New Project(53)

Fish Pakora

New Project(52)

Gobi Pakora

New Project(51)

Veg Pakora

New Project(58)

Chicken Burger

New Project(57)

Veg Burger



New Project(61)

Fried Peas Rice

New Project(60)

Jeera Rice









Our Tasty Cuisines

When it comes to providing diverse food servings to our customers, our restaurant always stands out. We are passionate about creating delicious, appetizing dishes for our customers that evoke the feeling of joy and happiness in them. Whether you are a seasoned foodie or simply looking for a delicious meal, our extensive range of dishes will surely delight everyone’s taste buds.

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At Bombay Meal Masala, we understand that selecting the perfect restaurant is not just about satisfying hunger pangs but it is also about creating wonderful dining memories with your loved ones that leave you feeling elated. We put great endeavors into creating the most inviting ambiance at our restaurant that ensures guests that they are treated to a feast that they won’t forget.

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5075 Falconridge Blvd NE Unit 738, Calgary, AB T3J 3K9, Canada


Lunch: 11am – 10pm (Monday – Sunday)

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